Joint International Conferences East-Asian Association for Science Education (EASE) and International Conferences on Mathematics and Science Education (ICMScE) is considered as a forum media for researchers, teachers, and students to share their research and experience. Another aim is to support the UPI program to become a leading university by improving the quality and quantity of international publications of lecturers and students of UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia), Postgraduate Schools, Master’s Program in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science and Mathematics Education and Doctor Program in Science and Mathematics Education. This conferences collaboratively conducted on July 8th – 10th, 2024.

Joint Conferences EASE-ICMScE is one of the conferences held by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This year, EASE-ICMScE raised the theme of “Strengtening Science and Mathematics Education as a Valuable Foundation for Sustainable Development Goals”.

  1. This theme is considered to be able to represent the needs of mathematics and science education in the present and future to meet a smart and sustainable society.
  2. This conference presents the keynote speakers who are experienced in their fields so that they can contribute the latest scientific knowledge to the conference participants.
  3. The EASE-ICMScE participants came from various universities in Indonesia and Abroad, therefore it became an opportunity for each participant to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and have the opportunity to collaborate.


Oral Presentations

(present in-person or online via live-stream * )

This is the most popular presentation type, and one for which most presenters opt. A 6-10 minute standalone presentation, with 6-10 minutes for Q and A, is scheduled in a session of usually two or three other presenters, who act as the main respondents to your presentation. These presentations are scheduled as parallel sessions and are advertised and open to other conference participants in the conference programme.

Poster Presentations

(present in-person )

A poster is a more informal way of presenting as it allows presenters to give a quick overview of their work, but to tailor the focus to the individual or small group in front of the poster. It is a more conversational way of presenting and particularly popular in the sciences and social sciences, where research is data-driven.

Poster terms:

Official Language

The official language of the conference is English.

All presentation including discussion and submissions shall be made in English.


  • Your poster SHOULD have the following dimensions:
  • Poster Size: A1 Size 23.4 inches (59.4 cm) wide x 33.1 inches (84.1 cm) high.
  • Please note that printing out your submitted full paper in A4 size format is NOT acceptable as a


  • Title: The title of your poster should appear at the top with lettering of at least 42 pt font size). Below the title, place the names of authors and their co-author
  • Text: Text should be readable from five feet away. Use a minimum font size of 17 pt. Keep the text brief. Try to use text to introduce the study, explain visuals and direct viewers’ attention to significant data trends and relationships portrayed in the visuals, state and explain the interpretations that follow from the data. It is also a good idea to put future research plans or questions for discussion with viewers in your
  • Figures: Each figure should have a brief title. Figures should be numbered consecutively according to the order in which they are first mentioned in the Try to use color figures rather than only black and white text to make your poster attractive and highlight the important technical content of your paper. Make sure that the text and the visuals are integrated.


Author should post up your poster on the poster panel in the morning of the day of your poster session. The detailed schedule of poster arrangement please refer to the Program Arrangement webpage. When you arrive for your session, please contact secretariat staff at the registration counter for:

  1. Reporting presence,
  2. Confirming the assigned board number,
  3. Getting plastic

Please note that your poster should be prepared well in advance. There will be no time or materials available for last minute preparations at the conference. Plastic tape will be provided to attach your posters to the boards.

Please remove your poster before end of the day, or it will be discarded.

Regristation Procedure


Important Dates

• Abstract Submission Deadline (batch 1)April 30th, 2024
• Early bird Registration (batch I) May 14th, 2024
• Abstract Acceptance Announcement May 12th, 2024
• Full Paper Submission DeadlineAugust 8th, 2024
• Conference Registration DeadlineJune 21th, 2024
• ConferenceJuly 8th – 10th, 2024
• Abstract Submission Deadline (batch 2)May 28th, 2024

Theme / Scope

  • Physics and Physics Education
  • Biology and Biology Education
  • Chemistry and Chemistry Education
  • Mathematics and Mathematics Education
  • Computer Science and Computer Science Education
  • STEM Education
  • ESD in Science Education
  • Society 5.0 in Science Education
  • Science Education


Keynote Speaker(s)

Prof.Dr. Tosihide Hirano

Natural Sciences, Science Education AICHI University of Education

Prof. Dr. Chokchai Yuenyong

Science Education, Khon Kaen University Thailand

Prof. Dr. Wan Zhihong

STEM Education, University Of Hong Kong

Prof. Sri Rahayu, M.Ed, Ph.D

Chemistry Education, Science Education, Universitas Negeri Malang

Prof. Fang-Ying Yang

Science Education National Taiwan Normal University

Professor Hyoung-Yong Park

Gyeongin National University of Education, South Korea

Prof. Bao Hui Zhang, Ph.D

Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Plenary Speaker(s)

Prof. Dr. Diana Rochintaniawati, M.Ed

Science Education Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Achmad Samsudin, M.Pd

Physics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Prihastuti Harsani, M. Si

Computer Science Education, Universitas Pakuan Bogor

Dr. Sri Wahyuni, M.Pd

Science Education, Universitas Negeri Jember

Prof. Dr. Sentot Kusairi, M.Si

Physics Education Universitas Negeri Malang

Arif Widiyatmoko, S.Pd, MPd., Ph.D

Science Education, Universitas Negeri Semarang

Dr. Rita Retnowati, MSi.

Biology Education, Universitas Pakuan

Prof Al Jupri, S.Pd.,. M.Sc., Ph.D

Mathematics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Paed. Sjaeful Anwar

Chemistry Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Siti Sriyati, M.Si

Biology Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Dr. Rani Megasari, MT

Computer Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


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